About the Cleaning Process

Bacterial infections and the spread of viruses relating to tactical and athletic gear are becoming a bigger concern each year, sidelining many of our service men/women and athletes.  Global Ozone Innovations LLC (manufacturers of the Decon Zone and Sports-O-Zone Sanitizing Systems) is tackling this issue with ozone, one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants ranking ahead of hydrogen peroxide, bleach and iodine.

Our system is unique in that it addresses the sanitation of equipment that cannot be effectively washed. Bacteria, viruses and molds can hide in crevices of that equipment. Ozone, a gas that naturally occurs in nature, seeks out these potential pathogens, in those hard to reach crevices, and eliminates them naturally.  This natural elimination is environmentally friendly.

Ozone effectiveness, like all disinfectants, works on time and concentration. The sanitation system works with high levels of ozone, with a short cycle time, in a controlled chamber.  Ozone leaves no residue on the equipment that can cause skin irritation.

Why Our System?

If you want a worldwide leader in performance, safety and the environment, the Global Ozone Innovations' brands (Decon Zone and Sports-O-Zone) should be at the top of your list.  We have consulted and relied on the experience of the largest appliance and apparel companies to determine the minimum ozone chamber safety requirements.  All of our models contain extensive ozone and entrapment safety features.  You will notice that our units cannot be locked from the outside which is a major concern for entrapment safety.

In 2007, we enhanced our safety features with our Smart Technology system which provides increased versatility to our end users.  This system monitors and controls ozone levels, monitors temperature and humidity levels and records these levels so you can correlate to bacterial levels within your equipment.  Smart Technology allows for maintenance feedback on your unit and security codes so you can control who operates your system.  Our Smart Technology interfaces with our vending applications, allows you to determine your vending price and allows for wireless communication in these applications.

Our system uses a minute amount of air in your room, converts it to ozone inside our chamber and at the end of the cycle converts it back to room air.  Our safety system does not allow our unit to open until the ozone level is below OSHA guidelines.  As there are no consumables that are required for the operation of our unit, it is very cost effective to operate and part of our green technology initiative.

What is Ozone?

“It is both a natural and a man-made product that occurs in the Earth's upper atmosphere (the stratosphere) and lower atmosphere (the troposphere).”  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Known as O3, ozone is a highly reactive gas made of three oxygen atoms. 

The two types of ozone are stratospheric – which helps reduce solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation that reaches the earth and tropospheric – which is what we breathe.

Ozone is nature's way of disinfecting.  The EPA recognizes ozone as one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants ranking ahead of hydrogen peroxide, bleach and iodine.

Benefits of Ozone For Cleaning

  • Eliminate Odors – Ozone destroys odor-causing bacteria and spore molecules.  As a gas, ozone can react with odors on surfaces and in the air, penetrating materials  such as a uniforms or protective gear.  Depending on the need, ozone treatments can be done for a lengthier amount of time or at a higher concentration.
  • Kill Several Types of Viruses and Bacteria – Again, ozone has the power to destroy molecules, making it possible to reduce the risk of contagious diseases, including: MRSA, Staph and more.
  • Prevent Equipment/Gear from Being Immersed in Water – As ozone is a gas, cleaning select gear and equipment does not require immersion in water, since ozone permeates most materials.
  • Safe, Environmentally Friendly and "Green" Cleaning Method – Ozone is a naturally-occurring gas.  It is a safer, more thorough option than bleach or other harsh chemicals.

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