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About UsWho is Global Ozone?

Our Story

In early 2000, a U.S. Navy diver who worked with SEAL teams was deployed on a ship wondering how to get odor out of his son’s hockey gear. As a gas specialist, ozone immediately came to mind.

This antimicrobial agent is stronger than bleach, iodine and hydrogen peroxide. And since ozone is a gas, it’s a dry application and can easily reach hard-to-access nooks and crannys. With all of this in mind, Sports-O-Zone was formed the following year to deodorize and sanitize athletic gear for a variety of sports.   

As our brand grew, the military and law enforcement markets emerged and Decon Zone was born. More than a decade later, Global Ozone Innovations became the umbrella that better suits our global reach for Decon Zone and Sports-O-Zone.

Our products are proudly manufactured in America, and we are the worldwide leader in providing ozone sanitation to those who serve and those who play.

Our Mission

With hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, Global Ozone Innovations products have been used to sanitize, deodorize and help fight against diseases, bacteria and viruses that can sideline a team, a unit or hamper a mission.

We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and product performance. Read testimonials to learn more about the difference our products have made in our clients’ operations, and for their teams.

Our mission is to:

Protect the Protectors
Those who serve us should be safe from the hidden antimicrobial enemy.

Protect the Participants
Whether it’s athletics, a marching band, mascots or physical education programs, participants should never be sidelined due to an infectious concern.

At Global Ozone, we value a culture of collaboration and service.

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Who is Global Ozone?

We are dedicated to keeping players, first responders, military and law enforcement safe and healthy through effective gear sanitization.