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PROTECTING the PROTECTORSMobile or stationary sanitizing solution with Trailer

Decon Zone is a mobile solution that sanitizes and deodorizes military, law enforcement and first responder gear against harmful bacteria and viruses that can sideline your unit with serious infections.

All Decon Zone models look the same on the outside and inside, but each model has different features. Contact your sales representative to find out which model best suits your needs. 

What is Decon Trailer?

The patented system uses ozone, a naturally occurring gas, to deodorize and sanitize gear without aerosol sprays. Using ozone allows you to sanitize hard-to-reach places on your equipment, ensuring that you kill more than 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and molds.

The trailer’s system is controlled by the operations panel located on the outside of the trailer. You can customize your run times to meet your needs. Heavy applications with longer dry times can be run at the end of the day, or shorter cycles can be tailored to fit between classes.

The liquid-free sanitizing process leaves your gear dry and ready to use with a fresh scent, without any residue from foreign materials, metals, or oils. The safe and adaptable unit comes equipped with a lockout device that prevents unauthorized use.

Decon Trailer is safe for military, law enforcement, and first responder gear, including armor,  combative gear, kevlar vests, riot gear, shoes, flight suits, scuba gear, medical equipment, blankets, sleeping bags, and more.

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Keep your unit safe with one-step bacterial and odor control that works better than bleach.