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Change Your Definition of CleanOne-Step Bacterial and Odor Control

Sanitize, deodorize and eliminate bacteria in your equipment, locker room or entire facility up to 2,000 square feet with a lightweight, portable unit on wheels.

The Gear Blaster has 40 air drying ports that supply warm air and/or ozone sanitizing. Twenty L-Tube extensions are included to accommodate tough drying applications.

What is Gear Blaster?

The Gear Blaster is a portable steel structure that features 40 air drying tubes. These tubes can supply warm air or ozone to sanitize gear and facilities. The ports may be turned on/off by row and come with adaptors to allow access to dry and sanitize hard-to-reach areas like the toe box of footwear.

The control unit allows you to run a dry cycle independent of, or in combination with, the ozone cycle. Variable settings can accommodate short or long cycles of warm air or ozone, from 1 to 99 minutes (or continuous for air only).

Note: The ozone cycle produces high levels of ozone, and should not be used in enclosed spaces in the presence of people, pets or plants. The system is designed to allow a slow start to ozone generation level (within regulatory guidelines) so a room can be safely evacuated by personnel operating the unit.

Locker Room

Odor control is a huge concern in all locker rooms and points to bacterial growth.  Ozonating your locker room helps eliminate these odors, but more importantly, significantly reduces the threats of MRSA and staph.


Eliminate bacteria – Ozone ranks ahead of hydrogen peroxide, iodine and bleach in sanitizing capabilities, without the residue.  Apply ozone directly to equipment through straight or L-shaped pipes.


Sanitize rooms – Minimize the risk of infection by treating the whole facility up to 2,000 square feet.  Ideal for equipment, weight and training rooms, and wrestling/gymnastic workout areas.

Gear Blaster Client ReviewsWhat our clients
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Part of Our Cleaning Regimen

“While the disinfectant aspects are obvious and bear repeating again and again, one of the most surprising side effects we have experienced is the overall ‘lack of odor’ in our locker room area.  After years of trying out various air exchange systems without real success, the Sports-O-Zone system has managed to transform the locker room so dramatically that it is noticeable to all around it.”

– G. Hopkins, Equipment Manager
Calgary Stampeder Football Club

Sanitizing Gear Will Become the Standard

“The Sports-O-Zone sanitizing system works great.  After 3 years of ownership, and multiple Sports-O-Zone systems in several rinks, we have not had one customer complaint. We have seen sales climb every year and with continued effort we really believe sanitizing gear will become the standard in years to come.”

– W. Anderson
Athletic Innovations

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Keep your team safe with one-step bacterial and odor control that works better than bleach.