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May 14, 2024
5 Surprising Uses for Ozone Sanitizers

Ozone is a whole lot more than that protective layer in the atmosphere. If you thought you knew everything about ozone, think again.  While our company originated out of a need to sanitize and deodorize hockey gear, Global Ozone’s disinfection systems have quite a few surprisingly useful applications beyond athletics. You’ll find our technology supporting...

April 18, 2024
How Apparel Retailers Can Reduce Losses & Improve Brand Reputation With Quick Disinfection

Are your online returns ballooning? Can your business sustain the cost of returns? For the first time since the dawn of online shopping, consumers are over-ordering with the intention of returning the majority of their purchase. These common shopping habits are wreaking havoc on retailers’ bottom lines, as it doesn’t make financial sense to sanitize...

January 2, 2024
Prepare for the Peak of Flu Season

If you think that flu season is almost over, think again. We’re in the thick of flu season, and you need to prepare for cases to skyrocket at your organization. Do you have the personnel to fill in for team members who fall ill? Do you have precautions in place to prevent outbreaks?  Here’s everything...