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5 Surprising Uses for Ozone Sanitizers

May 14, 2024by Global Ozone

Ozone is a whole lot more than that protective layer in the atmosphere. If you thought you knew everything about ozone, think again. 

While our company originated out of a need to sanitize and deodorize hockey gear, Global Ozone’s disinfection systems have quite a few surprisingly useful applications beyond athletics. You’ll find our technology supporting international retailers’ operations and making things easier for teachers in the classroom, among other diverse uses. 

Here are a few unconventional ways to use ozone that may make you rethink ozone’s capabilities. 

 1. Apparel Returns 

Have you ever thought about what happens to returned clothes before they go back on the shelf? Is your skin now crawling at the thought that your “new” clothes might not be so new after all? Customer outcry over health concerns brought the disinfection issue to the forefront for apparel retailers.

We’ve solved that very icky problem for one of our apparel customers by building a state-of-the-art ozone sanitization program for all of their returns. Using our system, brands can promise customers that their purchases are sanitized, fresh smelling and safe to wear. 

2. School Lab Gear 

Schools first utilized our technology to sanitize their athletic gear — and then teachers realized they could benefit from Sports-O-Zone, too. 

Science teachers especially appreciate that they can sanitize shared lab gear (like goggles, aprons, and lab coats) between classes. Most schools don’t have the resources to purchase needed lab supplies for every student, so ozone disinfection has proven to solve the problem of quickly sanitizing shared gear. It also saves teachers from having to manually clean supplies, giving them more time to focus on their students.

3. Bulletproof Vests 

The protective material in bulletproof vests requires high levels of care to ensure that the vests will actually be bulletproof in a dangerous situation. Did you know that any contact with liquid can degrade the material and render a vest useless?

That’s why our military and law enforcement partners trust ozone’s completely dry disinfection cycle to sanitize their protective gear. Using Decon Zone, these organizations can sanitize vests without any worry about the integrity of the protective materials — which makes their officers and soldiers feel safer (and smell better). 

4. Water Bottles 

Most teams have an army of water bottles ready to help athletes rehydrate during practice and games — way more than you can ever fit into a dishwasher.

Sick of doing dishes after a long game? You can skip the pruney fingers and sanitize your entire team’s water bottles with ozone instead. All of your plastic bottles and lids are safe to put in an ozone chamber, and they’ll emerge germ-free. 

5. Entire Rooms 

How do you sanitize the walls and floors of your equipment rooms, locker rooms, and gyms? The cost of janitorial labor quickly skyrockets when you try to do this by hand. Ozone is proven to sanitize entire rooms up to 2,000 square feet. All you do is set your machine, shut the door, and return in the morning to a sanitized facility. No labor costs, no scrubbing the floors, and no wet floor signs necessary. 

How can ozone sanitize all of this? 

It’s simple, really. Ozone is a naturally-occurring gas that inactivates bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi through a process called oxidation. It’s safe to use, environmentally friendly, and more effective than traditional disinfectants like bleach. Ozone is even more reliable because bacteria cannot develop resistance to oxidation — a major win in the battle against antibiotic resistance

The best part? Ozone doesn’t cause damage to the materials that it’s sanitizing. That’s why it’s the go-to disinfectant for so many different industries. 

The Global Ozone Difference

Global Ozone products harness the power of ozone to kill germs and make your gear, facilities, and products safe to use. We’ve even cut the disinfection cycle to only 32 minutes, making our solutions an efficient option for large organizations. 

Ready for the future of disinfection? Talk to us about your needs and get a quote.