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What is a Control Board and an Ozone Sensor?

October 17, 2023by Global Ozone

At Global Ozone, safety is our top priority. We’re constantly working to create better sanitizing systems for our customers. Depending on your needs, our products can be upgraded to tackle greater threats.

Our control board is the brain of our system. It is constantly working with the ozone sensor and the rest of the system to make sure ozone levels are within the pathogen kill range and safety features are operating properly.  

One of the most important features of your Sports-O-Zone or Decon Zone sanitizing system is the ozone sensor. We rely on the sensors to make sure that you always have safe-to-use, completely disinfected gear.

Find out why these components need attention. 

Maintaining Your Machine 

You’re entrusting your team’s health and safety to Global Ozone, which is why we created a failsafe that lets you know if your ozone sanitizer isn’t functioning properly. 

Ozone sanitation only works when the concentration is high enough to kill germs. The effective concentration is different based on the bacteria, virus, or mold that you’re aiming to kill. 

So, if your Sports-O-Zone or Decon Zone isn’t generating a high enough ozone concentration, then your gear won’t actually get sanitized. The ozone sensor is a key part of our system because it ensures that your machine achieves complete disinfection every time you use it. 

During the pandemic, we worked with the FDA to get emergency use authorization (EUA). We looked at ways to improve our programming, ozone control and helping our unit to speak to our customers when ozone sanitation was not at peak performance.

With these upgrades to your control board (we call it a reflash), if your ozone sensor picks up on inadequate levels of ozone concentration, you’ll get a “maintenance required” notification on your control panel. This could mean that either the ozone sensor or the ozone generator are starting to wear out. Reach out to our team to troubleshoot the problem — we’re here to help. 

To ensure that your sensor is always operating at the top of its game, it must be replaced annually. 

Fight Emerging Pathogens 

If you have an older unit, upgrading your control board also means getting the newest and best ozone technology. Based on new research, we’ve added more capabilities for our sanitizing units to fight new, tough-to-beat germs. For military members and first responders, fighting new pathogens will be increasingly important, as many experts predict that biological threats will be the weapon of choice in the future. 

With this increased capability and repeatable cycle, our sanitizing systems are prepared to meet the challenges of potential emerging pathogens. 

Should You Reflash Your Control Board?

We learned a lot from the pandemic — mainly to expect the unexpected. 

We recommend reflashing your control board to their highest capabilities, so that you’re prepared to kill new pathogens as they emerge. In high risk environments, like schools and military bases, diseases can spread like wildfire. Our products help you root out germs before they can wreak havoc on your classrooms, athletic teams, or units. 

If you haven’t done your annual sensor replacement yet, talk to your representative about replacing your ozone sensor and if reflashing is right for you. 

About Global Ozone

Looking to kill germs safely and efficiently? If you’re not already using Sports-O-Zone or Decon Zone in your facility, we want to help you create a healthy environment for your people. 

While our sensors are one of our most important safety features, make sure you check out more information on ozone disinfection. Our products pack a more powerful punch than bleach — without causing damage to your gear and equipment. 

Interested? Reach out to us today.