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7 Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day

November 7, 2022by Global Ozone

Did you know that the idea for Global Ozone was born on a US Navy SEAL ship? Since 2000, we’ve sought to protect our protectors from dangerous bacteria, viruses, and molds that thrive in military barracks and on body armor.

Global Ozone is proud to be founded by veterans and to continue to serve the health and safety needs of active-duty military. This year, we’d love it if you’d join us in supporting and thanking veterans for their service. Here are just a few ways you can show vets your appreciation with us:

1. Honor the Veterans in Your Life

Is one of your parents, cousins, uncles, or friends a vet? Or maybe one of your neighbors? Show your gratitude with a small gesture! If you’re close, you could treat the veteran in your life to a nice meal or a day out together to let them know that you appreciate their sacrifice. Or, send them a restaurant gift card so they can enjoy a night out with their family. It could even be as simple as sending a text thanking them for their service. No matter how you show it, let your veteran friends and family know you’re thinking of them this Veterans Day.

2. Donate to Veterans’ Charities

Veterans both young and old need our support. Unfortunately, many veterans experience homelessness, PTSD, and disability as a result of their service, but there are many organizations working hard to address their needs. Find a veterans’ charity that speaks to you, and donate as much as you can to help them achieve their goals. Check out this list of reputable charities to get started.

3. Go for a Run

You can get your steps in while supporting a good cause — like Veterans’ programs. Across the country, veterans’ organizations will be hosting charity events, including 10ks, to raise money for meals, housing, healthcare, and other veterans’ needs. If you’re not a runner, these events often need volunteers as well.

4. Send Care Packages

Want to send a more personalized thank you? Put together care packages for active-duty military members. There are several non-profits that can organize and fund care packages, so get in contact with them first. When filling your care package, throw in a few necessities, like sunscreen and hygiene products, but also include a few fun snacks, drink mixes, books, or nice bath towels. These comfort items aren’t easy to come by when you’re deployed, and they could make a soldier’s day.

5. Volunteer Your Time

Thanking veterans doesn’t have to cost a thing — you can thank them by donating your time. As we mentioned before, there are several charitable organizations that serve veterans, and they’d be glad to have a few extra helping hands. Here are a few ways you can show your support and gratitude to veterans through service:

  • Volunteer at a VA hospital
  • Prepare and distribute meals to veterans through a meal assistance program
  • Sign up to work a veterans’ fundraising event
  • Build houses for homeless veterans

6. Attend a Veterans’ Day Parade

Veterans Day celebrations provide another free, family-friendly opportunity to thank veterans for their service. Many veterans and active duty units will march in parades around the country on Veterans Day — so pack up a cooler and a few mini flags to cheer them on! Make sure to clap, cheer, and say thanks as they walk by.

7. Just Say Thank You

While it’s great to go the extra mile to show your appreciation, just recognizing and thanking veterans makes a difference. A simple “thank you for your service,” could make someone’s day. If you see someone in uniform, or even just wearing a veteran hat, don’t be afraid to say thanks.

If you have time, sit down and chat with a veteran about their service. Give them your full attention and allow them to share as much or as little as they want. Just let them know that you’re there, and you support them.

At Global Ozone, we’re honored to do our part to protect military members stateside and abroad. From our entire team, we’d like to say a huge thank you to veterans for your sacrifice and service, and happy Veterans Day!