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Auburn University Joins Increasing Number of Major NCAA Institutions in the Fight Against MRSA

January 27, 2021by Global Ozone0


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Auburn University joins a growing list of high school, college and professional athletic organizations taking proactive steps to prevent MRSA and staph bacteria infections in its athletes.

Auburn, Ala. — Auburn University, with the purchase of the Sports-O-Zone machine, joins the growing ranks of NCAA Division I institutions to take steps to proactively protect its athletes from the deadly MRSA bacteria.

After reports last fall of high school and college athletes infected by the MRSA bacteria, the school administration moved quickly to insure that all precautions were being taken. Dana Marquez, Director of Equipment Operations, was introduced to the Sports-O-Zone system through discussions with colleges in the industry, as well as personal research into the matter. Impressed with the system and its process, he brought the machine to the attention of fellow administrators. “We moved into new facilities and wanted to make sure we had a system in place to prevent MRSA and staph outbreaks.” said Marquez. Auburn has battled staph issues in the past and felt this was the best and most cost effective way to keeping it at bay. “Since the introduction of the machine, we have not had a single issue with staph or MRSA.” he added.

Joining Auburn in its partnership with Sports-O-Zone to fight the MRSA problem are NCAA Division I programs including the Universities of Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Army have been added to the growing list.

Sports-O-Zone manufactures a machine that is fast becoming a solution to the problem of controlling staph and MRSA in locker rooms from high school to professional sports franchises. MRSA, a staph bacterium, is usually resistant to a variety of different antibiotics and is becoming more common with athletes. Independent testing of the Sports-O-Zone system shows a greater than 99.9% kill rate on these bacteria.

Mark Eades, Director of Sales at Sports-O-Zone states “Our Company’s main concern is the safety of student athletes and Auburn University definitely shares this philosophy.”

Sports-O-Zone is an Elkhart, Indiana-based company that manufactures machines using ozone
technology to easily and cost-effectively sanitize and deodorize equipment for sports programs
including football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, softball, and wrestling. This technology is also
applied to military and law enforcement equipment such as Kevlar vests, body armor and riot

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