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Covid Funding Guide: Where do I request funds for my athletic department?

March 1, 2022by Global Ozone

After reading our Covid Funding Guide, you decided to take the leap and request money to buy a Sports-O-Zone sanitizing system. Your request letter is typed, you can practically smell your freshly-deodorized locker room, and you can’t wait until your days of hand-sanitizing athletic gear are over. But wait, who do you send the request to? We’re here to answer that very question. 

The Treasury Submission Portal

Thankfully, most school districts are run by the county or city government, most of which are eligible for direct funding from the Treasury Department. If your school system’s jurisdiction falls under the jurisdiction of these cities or these counties, they are eligible to directly request the funds from the treasury department. 

You do not need to use the Treasury Portal personally. Most jurisdictions have already requested and been awarded at least one tranche of their allocated funds. With the money sitting in your jurisdiction’s account, it’s ready to be requested by your school. 

Where to Reach Out

To request the funds, you need to find out who holds the purse strings in either your city or county. Typically, county finances are managed by a county executive’s office or the county commissioner’s office. However, in some cases, an office has been set up with the specific purpose of handling Covid recovery. In a metropolitan area, the mayor’s office may handle it directly, or delegate the responsibility to the city’s COO or CFO. 

Here’s where to start:

  • County executive’s office
  • County commissioner’s office
  • Covid recovery office
  • Mayor’s office
  • City COO’s office
  • City CFO’s office

No matter where you live, the typical place to reach out is the office that handles your jurisdiction’s finances. Find their website, and either call or email the office to open a line of communication about Covid funding. They will be able to provide you with any necessary paperwork or steps to request funding and bring you one step closer to your goal.

Examples Across the Country

While we can’t exactly cover every city or county in the country, here are some specific examples of the office to contact in different regions of the country. This may help you determine who to reach out to in your own area.


Sample Request Letter

When the city or county executive’s office asks how you plan to use the funds, you can send them our sample request letter that explains how Sports-O-Zone products fall under eligible use of CSLFRF funds. They need to make sure that the money is being used appropriately, and this letter will provide them with complete assurance that it is. 

From there, your county or city will process the request, and once approved, you’re finally ready to use Sports-O-Zone to sanitize your athletic gear in one simple step!