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What We Learned in 2023

December 20, 2023by Global Ozone

Our mission is always to protect you from the threat of disease — which is why we’re always learning more about emerging pathogens, new disinfection strategies, and disease trends. And this past year, there was a lot to be learned. 

From a new contagious fungus to shocking findings about school disinfection technology, 2023 has been an interesting year for Global Ozone. Take a look back with us at this year’s biggest stories. 

Should You Invest in UV Disinfection? 

When COVID-19 first burst onto the scene, UV disinfection took over the world, as many schools looked for easy ways to sanitize classrooms. Three years in, we asked if UV is really worth the investment (spoiler alert: it isn’t). 

We found out that the emerging market for UV disinfection did not come with any regulations on efficacy or safety. Relying on the credibility of hospital-grade UV disinfection systems, companies took millions from schools without delivering safety from germs.

Learn more about the unregulated world of UV disinfection and see why many schools aren’t going to renew their investments. 

Prioritizing Veterans Health 

As a veteran-founded company, our goal is to protect our military from the threat of germs, but  we’re also dedicated to supporting veterans’ health concerns, both active duty and retired. 

On Veterans Day this year, we wanted to shine a light on distinct healthcare issues impacting veterans — and what you can do to support better care. Whether it’s volunteering at the VA or offering to drive a vet to a doctor’s appointment, there are big and small ways to make a difference for our men and women in uniform. 

When you’re making your list of new year’s resolutions, add your intention to give back to those who are giving their all. Find out how you can support veterans’ healthcare initiatives.

Bioweapons: A Silent Threat

Speaking of our military, we’re going to need better tools to fight against a particularly concerning threat — bioweapons. 

This year, experts projected that bioweapons will be the new frontier of warfare. While they’re not new by any means, the expansion of global travel and increasing emerging diseases make it easier for nefarious forces to deploy a bioweapon. 

Don’t panic yet. Get all of the details and then consider your options for efficient disinfection. 

How to Prevent Common Classroom Illnesses

Summer came and went way too quickly. Before you knew it, kids were heading back to school… and you were catching the classroom cough again. 

We put together some strategies that teachers and administrators can use to keep themselves healthy and protect their students from these yearly outbreaks. You might want to read up before returning to school after the holiday break

What You Need to Know About C. Auris

HBO’s The Last of Us captured everyone’s attention this year, and just a few months later, a potentially dangerous fungus called Candida auris popped up on the CDC’s radar. Some of you might have been wondering if life was imitating art — and perhaps concerned about a zombie outbreak. 

We did the research on C. auris for you. While we aren’t worried about a zombie apocalypse, we’re definitely keeping an eye on C. auris cases and monitoring its spread from hospitals into the general community. 

Check out our findings — and look out for an update in 2024. 

Every year we learn about new ways to protect our athletes, military, first responders, and our communities at large. We’re thankful to play a part in keeping you and yours safe, all year round. 

From all of us at Global Ozone, we’re wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.