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COVID-19 Funding: What does the Final Rule mean?

April 1, 2022by Global Ozone

It’s official: The United States Treasury announced the Final Rule on the State and Local Financial Recovery Fund (SLFRF) in January. With this final ruling comes clarification on acceptable uses of funds, and increased flexibility in determining acceptable uses. Can this broadened flexibility benefit your school and student-athletes?

Flexible Use of SLFRF Funds

One of the key clarifications in the final rule makes it explicit that capital expenditures to respond to public health needs are considered acceptable uses of SLFRF funds. It’s also important to note that any capital asset purchased with SLFRF funding may be retained after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

But what, exactly, is a capital expenditure or asset, according to the federal government? On top of these clarifications, the final rule also provides local governments with broad flexibility to determine what capital expenditures, assets, and other investments are considered acceptable public health responses to the pandemic.

If you were left with any lingering worries that your school’s needs weren’t eligible under the interim rule, the final rule reassures that communities may use the funds as they see fit to improve public health, especially in public settings like schools.

While the final rule does not take effect until April 2022, schools and local governments can begin using the flexibility of the rule even sooner. The U.S. Treasury Department made it known that they will not enforce interim rules during the time between this announcement and the rule taking effect.

For schools and student-athletes, this is great news. With this clarification and confirmation of eligible uses of Covid funds, you can confidently request SLFRF monies to protect your players, coaches, and staff from pathogens lurking on gear and in the locker room.

How to Request Funds

Schools are often underfunded, which is why schools must act now to claim the funds they need and deserve. This step-by-step Covid Funding Guide will walk you through the process of requesting Covid funding through the SLFRF, and answer any questions you may have. Within the guide, you’ll even find a sample letter to send to your county government to begin the funding request process.

We know that navigating local government can be confusing, and the first important step is to track down who holds the purse strings in your county. In the companion to the Covid Funding Guide, we offer more clarification on where to request funds and specific examples of who has the power to distribute funds from the SLFRF.

Protect Athletes’ Health

Sports-O-Zone sanitizing systems use ozone to significantly reduce bacteria, viruses, and mold on athletic equipment – making the machine an acceptable capital expenditure under the final ruling.

Not only will Sports-O-Zone better protect athletes during the pandemic, but it will continue to benefit athletes for seasons to come by reducing their risk of contracting other dangerous diseases, like MRSA or staph. By using the Covid funding on sanitizing systems now, you’re placing the health and safety of students present and future as your top priority.

Do you have questions about Sports-O-Zone, Covid funding, or the final rule? We’re happy to help. Get in touch.