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Sports-O-Zone Inks Deal with Riddell Partners to Fight MRSA Outbreaks in Professional, College, and High School Sports

February 8, 2008by Global Ozone0


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Indiana based Sports O Zone, a manufacturer of sanitizing and deodorizing equipment has partnered with sports equipment manufacturer and distributor Riddell to fight MRSA and bacterial infection outbreaks in Professional, College and High School Sports.

Elkhart, IN (PRWEB) February 8, 2008 — Indiana based Sports-O-Zone has teamed up with sports equipment
company Riddell in the fight against staph and MRSA infections. Riddell is recognized as one of the most
respected companies in the sporting industry and looks forward to its involvement with Sports-O-Zone.

The Sports-O-Zone patented sanitizing system uses ozone to attack and kill bacteria. It is designed to allow the team to treat more equipment, at one time, than other processes currently available. Ozone is nature’s way of managing bacteria. It is one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants available, ranking ahead of hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and iodine.

According to Rik Kain, Director of Operations at Sports-O-Zone, “The technology will make life a lot easier for athletes worried about contracting these diseases.” Unlike disinfectant sprays, ozone has no residue, no odor, and is nature’s way of purifying air and water.

Riddell’s focus is to “make sporting equipment safer, better, and easier to use.” By choosing Sports-O-Zone to be involved in their product line, they are confident that the process is one of the safest for eliminating dangerous bacteria on sports equipment. Mark Eades, Director of Sales at Sports-O-Zone states, “Our Company’s main concerns are safety, performance, and convenience, and Riddell definitely shares this philosophy.”

The Sports-O-Zone system is the first choice for 12 NFL teams, several colleges including Ohio State, as well as high schools. Steve Urbaniak, Equipment Manager for the San Francisco 49ers states “the Sports-O-Zone sanitizing unit performed to our expectations and gave us the confidence that this machine contributes to risk management.”

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