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Sports-O-Zone in Elkhart, IN Has Ties to Superbowl XLI

February 1, 2007by Global Ozone0


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Elkhart, IN, February 1, 2007 – Sports-O-Zone USA, LLC, local company in Elkhart, Indiana has ties back to Super Bowl XLI. The company manufactures a machine that is fast becoming a solution to the problems of controlling Staph and MRSA that is plaguing the NFL. Indianapolis Colts was one of seven NFL teams that have implemented this patent system in 2006 in their locker rooms to kill these bacteria on players’ equipment.

MRSA is a staph bacterium that is usually resistant to a variety of different antibiotics and is becoming more common among the ranks of athletes from high school to professional sports. Independent testing of Sports-O-Zone’s system has shown that after 11 minutes of treatment, greater than 99.9% of these bacteria are killed. At the request of the San Francisco 49ers, organism swab tests were performed on athletic equipment worn by their players during their August 2006 training camp. According to Steve Urbaniak,
Equipment Manager for the San Francisco 49ers, “the Sports-O-Zone sanitizing unit performed to our expectations and gave us the confidence that this unit contributes to our risk management control of organisms. Our job is to keep our players healthy and on the playing field which makes the Sports-O-Zone sanitizing unit a valuable asset for the 49ers”.

The Sports-O-Zone sanitizing system has numerous applications outside the sports arena. The Systems are being purchased by governmental units to sanitize tactical personal protective equipment from swat teams to local law enforcement units to US military bases. The machines have been exported into Mexico, Japan and Canada. The President and inventor of the patented system is Patrick McKenna, a retired Naval
Engineer and Deep-Sea Diving Officer, along with local business men Rik Kain and Mark Eades are excited about the reception of this technology by the NFL.

“I am glad that we were able to bring this technology to the NFL and we are confident
that the system will provide the needed assurance to that industry to protect its athletes
from harmful bacteria”, according to Mr. McKenna.


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