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Sports-O-Zone Kiosk Helps Sanitize Sports Equipment

December 12, 2005by Global Ozone0


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WEST CHESTER, Pa. – A new self-service kiosk is available that ozone-sanitizes sports equipment to help prevent the spread of MRSA and staph infection. According to a news release, Sports-O-Zone’s patented Equipment Deodorizing and Sanitizing Self-Service System – integrated with the new MEI Combo Acceptor that accepts cash-and-credit card payments — are installed at sports facilities nationwide to help prevent infections that could sideline professional and amateur athletes.

Already installed in over 30 sports facilities including in the NFL St. Louis Rams’ locker room, the new ozone sanitizing system enables athletes to completely clean and sanitize their clothing and sports equipment in just five minutes for $10. The system was developed to inhibit the spread of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and other bacterial infections and viruses through athletic equipment at gyms, health clubs, workout centers and sports facilities.

In the case of MRSA, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that about 2 million people develop a dangerous infection each year in the U’s – many of whom are athletes. In addition, both the NCAA and National Federation of High School Associations have issued alerts on skin infections, and NFL medical staff have received Centers for Disease Control documentation on MRSA infections. As the CDC explains, the infection is spread via contact with infected persons or by contact with shared equipment that carries the bacteria, and can affect the skin, heart, and central nervous system.

Sports-O-Zone self-service kiosks use ozone gas to kill 99.99 percent of microorganisms without any residue or odor. Unlike other locker room sanitizing systems, the Sports-O-Zone system efficiently dispenses ozone gas to effectively permeate all the crevices in the equipment, including those not easily reached with sprays or other types of disinfectants.

The Sports-O-Zone ozone sanitizing system is a 4 feet tall by 5 feet wide front-loading machine that is installed in a locker room, arena or other sports facility. Users open the door, insert the load of equipment and clothing, close the door and either insert a $10 bill or swipe their credit card. This new business opportunity requires no “consumables” like detergent or other disinfectants, as it converts regular air to ozone gas. Facilities that install the system enjoy virtually indefinite, maintenance-free operation. It is capable of “cleaning” over two hundred loads per day, generating over $2,500 in revenue.


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